World Within Words - An Illustration Series


What is better than to love? Give yourself, your heart away in selfless pure manner. Ishq. One emotion that can change the way you see the world at any given point. It comes along with its own sort of thorns I hear, nevertheless a beautiful feeling worth every effort. 


The beginning. The beginning of something new, something fun, something important or something that had to. What matters is the beginning. The thrill, adventure and sheer joy of it. 

World Within Words - An Illustration Series


The endless wait. Days turn into evenings, evenings into much longer nights. The days come back again. The anxious wait remains. The expectation remains. The hearts yearns. The heart lives in disbelief. The questions pinch. It's evening again. The wait continues. 

World Within Words - An Illustration Series

Illustration & Typography

There is a whole world of magic and emotions stored within one word. This illustration series attempts to unfold the beauty of some of them. The essence of the words chosen and what they made me feel were key elements in deciding the color palette of the piece. 

World Within Words - An Illustration Series


The light. The light of life. The light of a being. Noor is everything that one can want from life. The light that gives to clarity of thought where you can be yourself in the wide open sun without anything binding or holding you back. 

World Within Words - An Illustration Series


The rising. The flight. The hope that one will fly again. The pain will cease and the soul will fly, freely. The chains will break and you will set flight to your goals, to life you want. 

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